What's the difference between the Free and Pro version?

The following features are available in the Pro version (and not present in the free version of the app).


  • Real time graphs with CPU, battery, storage, memory usage and wifi/cell bandwidth usage
  • Possibility to pause, pan and zoom the graphs
  • Up to 3 minutes of resource usage recording in the background

Memory Details

  • Real time memory statistics (wired, active, inactive, free memory) and graphs
  • Operating system memory statistics

Hardware and iOS Information

  • CPU/GPU details
  • Device model number
  • iOS version details
  • Hardware properties (display, cameras, sensors, etc.)


  • Battery work time estimations for various workloads
  • Storage usage details (file statistics, disk partition info)
  • External IP details (AS number and ISP, hostname, location, map)
  • Routing table
  • Export into plain text or CSV
  • No ads