Process info not available on iOS 9

Unfortunately Apple disabled app's access to the process information on iOS 9 because of privacy reasons (so apps cannot spy on what other apps are running on your device and use it e.g. for marketing purposes). From WWDC 2015:

"Now, simply put, we think what apps are installed on a user's device are their business. Users use their devices for lots of things, and they have lots of reasons for what kinds of apps they want to install, from health to financial to home. Now, what apps a user has installed and what can be gleaned from them can be very sensitive. Trying to detect what apps a user has installed, either to identify them or to glean information, is contrary to the iOS security model. Ultimately, the iOS security model the apps are isolated. They live within their own sandbox, protecting them from other apps and processes..."

"...So there is a change to the iOS sandbox this year, and now there will no longer be able to call kern.proc, kern.procargs, kern.procargs2 and see data from any other processes then one's self."

(see 8:30 in